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These three friends happily disagree. One prefers to eat at restaurants. Another swears by home cooking. And don’t get them started on movies they prefer.

Sometimes, our differences define us and bring us together much more than our similarities. 😍

These three couldn’t be more different. But ask them what is the best time of year and they all same the same thing. It’s the one thing they definitely agree on and that’s Nowruz. 🌸🌿🎶🌸

Now ask them their favorite part of Nowruz and you’ll get a dozen different answers. 😁

“Joy and happiness.” “The fresh smells.” “Wearing new clothes.” “The Spring flowers.” “Preparing the Haft-sin.” “Baking.” “Family.” 😇

“Friends.” 💕


  • • 5”W x 7”H

    • White cover paper stock

    • Printed in full color

    • Golden colored envelope

    • Blank interior 


    Illustration by: Hedieh Yousefi

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